Operation Dominic 1
Pacific Proving Grounds

Operation Dominic 1962 Operation Dominic

Photos from Joe Stallings.

Operation Dominic was a 36-detonation atmospheric nuclear test series. The first phase occurred from 25 April through 11 July 1962, the second phase from 2 October through 3 November 1962.

During the first phase, 24 nuclear weapons were dropped from aircraft for air bursts in the vicinity of Christmas Island. One warhead was sent aloft by rocket from Johnston Island for high altitude detonation, but three attempted launches of nuclear tipped rockets from that island were failures.

Shot Swordfish was an underwater detonation of a stock nuclear anti-submarine rocket (ASROC) weapon approximately 370 nautical miles west-southwest of San Diego. Shot Frigate Bird was the detonation of a Polaris missile warhead over the Christmas Island Danger Area.

During the second phase, four nuclear warheads were rocketed from Johnston Island for high altitude detonation, and one rocket launch was a failure. Five weapons were dropped from aircraft for air bursts in the vicinity of Johnston Island. This thermonuclear frenzy of superpower saber-rattling was the end of US and Soviet atmospheric detonations.

Operation Dominic Declassified Documents

United States Atomic Veterans

Walter Deptula was attached to PMR-H as a Naval Aviator helicopter pilot flying missile recovery missions.

Cecil Coale worked with the DASA Scientific Organization at Operation Dominic. (photos)

Lloyd Morris served as an an FN on the USS Reclaimer ARS-42.

Cliff Hemphill was assigned to V-1 Division USS Princeton LPH-5.

Frank Oberg was an ETN2 on the USS Newell DER 322.

Dan Mathis a radarman on the USS Loyalty MSO 457 has passed away at age 60, from cancer.

Winfield Weston served aboard the USS Marshall DD675. RECA Info.

Bob Noonan worked for EG&E in the C-130 photo-data aircraft.

Melvin Mcpherson was a AE flight electrician, VP 872.

Gerald Streeter was a L/Cpl, USMC, photographer on the USS Princeton.

Charles Duncan was with the 524 MP Company at Johnston Island.

John Pecoraro served aboard the USS Princeton.

Dick Johnson in charge of the ARC-27 at Barber's Point.

James (Jim) Mael was on the USS Princeton.

Nick Tulve was an HM3 at Christmas Island

Thomas Alesi was aboard theUSS Rowan DD782.

Roger McMullin was aboard theUSS Princeton LPH-5.

Tim R. Jones was a L/Cpl, V-2 division USS Princeton LPH-5.

Mike Meglemre served on the USS Iwo Jima at Johnson Island.

Lynn Kingrey served with the 1211th Test Squadron.

Les Eldridge served aboard the USS Reclaimer at Christmas Island

Darrell A. Gilbert served aboard the USS Iwo Jima LPH-2.

Charles B. Frank, Jr. served aboard the USS Tanner observing the Russian nuclear tests at Novya Zemlya in the Barents Sea.

James E. Mc Donald served in V-2 Division and as plane crew captain on the USS Princeton LPH-5

Tom Wells was in the V-2 Division aboard the USS Princeton LPH-5

Neil Brown served as STG2 aboard the USS Rowan DD 782

Joe E. Linn was a navigator attached to VAP-62

Phillip Toon served with VP-872 and VP-9 Photos

Frank M. Durbin was with HMM-364 aboard the USS Princeton LPH-5

Dennis P Kolb was in 'E' Division aboard the USS Princeton LPH-5

John Buffum was aboard USS Medregal SS480 for Shot Frigate Bird.

Ken Dove was a member of V-1 Division USS Princeton

Mike Hill was an E-3 aboard the USS Princeton

Bobby Williams was aboard the LSU 1485 at Christmas Island.

Garland Smith was a crew member on the USS Princeton LPH-5.

Gary Wilkinson onboard the USS Samuel N. Moore DD747
at Christmas Island.

Mac McKillips was a communication electronic technician on the USS Jenkins DDE-447 at Johnston Island.

Jeff Wisnia a civilian EE worked for Comstock & Wescott. Photos.

Emery Borka was in the USAF with the AFCS detachment. Photo Album

Joe Miller served with the VP-17.

James Taylor served aboard the USS Cabildo.

Tom Madison served aboard the U.S.S. Taylor DD 468

Ray F. Longaker Jr served aboard the USS Princeton, LPH-5.

Larry Craig on the USS Preston, DD 795,at the Swordfish detonation.
Update: RECA (Radiation Exposure Compensation Act), New Advisor.

William (Bill) Nelson was in H-Division on the USS Princeton LPH-5 during Operation Dominic. New Advisor.

R. E. Murphy was an AT1 with VP 872.

Joseph Stallings was a Marine aboard the USS Curtiss, and a civilian at Operation Dominic.

Jack Hansen was aboard the USS Princeton, LPH-5.

Donald Patterson was a YNC attached to CJTG 8.3.

Ron Lockwood was aboard the USS Munsee ATF 107

DeWitt Johnston was aboard the U.S.S. Taylor DD-468

Harry Bailey was a small boat crewman on LCM's at Christmas Island

Jerry Greelis was a radar operator for the Navy's Pacific Missile Range, at Johnston Island.

Glen Voss was a cook board the USS Princeton LPH5.

Andy Cavalo USAF, was a Ground Radio Operator, at Johnston Island.

Dennis Pangburn served aboard the USS Reclaimer, ARS-42.

John Bakken flew patrols with theVP-9 Squadron.

Dale Carter was aboard the USS Halsey Powell (DD 686).

James Haas was an IC3 aboard theUSS Tolovana (AO-64).

Jack Miller was an EM2 aboard USS O'Bannon (DDE-450).

Winfield Weston was aboard USS Marshall (DD675).

Dan Hollander was an Instrument technician with the
6550th Maintenance Group.

Richard Tharp was an ET-2 aboard the USS John S. McCain (DL-3).

Danny Wilson was aboard the USS Henry County LST 824, during Operation Dominic.

Harold A. Ornellas was a Machinist Mate Fireman on board the U.S.S. Princeton LPH-5.

Jim Barrow was with the Air Force Communications Service at Johnston Island. He sent 12 excellent pictures.

Julian Garrett was in the Air Force and was a Wire Communications Technician.

Ronald Rejician was serving aboard the USS UTE-ATF-76 at Johnston and Christmas Island.

Joe Bruce serving aboard the USS Hopewell (DD-681) participated in the Swordfish detonation.

Larry Young AE-3 VS-23, USS Yorktown, participated in the Swordfish detonation.

Dennis Smith was a crew member aboard the USS Henry County (LST 824) and part of the clean-up crew for the the Thor launch pad fire.

Myron (Willie) Williams was stationed with the 125th Signal Bn, 25th Inf Div., on Christmas Island.

Billy Trippett was in Patrol Squadron 46 stationed at NAS North Island San Deigo Ca., attached to Fleet Air Wing 14.

Bob Soper was assigned to the 1211th Test Squadron and watched the detonations at Christmas Island.

Josh Garner sent email about his duty onboard the U.S.S Taylor DD-468 during Operation Dominic.

Joe Tucci writes about his duty aboard the USS Princeton during Operation Dominic.

Leland Schroeder was in the Air Force with the communications center.

Tim Rahmn was an Airman Second Class, with the 146th Consolidated Maintenance Squadron at Operation Dominic

George Sheasby was a telegrapher aboard the USS Princeton at Operation Dominic

Ron Kirkpatrick an Electronics Technician 2 aboard the USS Reclaimer
ARS 42
was at Operation Dominic

Mark Cruz an Air Force aircrew member, Bomb/Nav tech. aboard "Hemrock" on most of the air drops during Dominic 1, and on all of the drops flown by the SAC crew.

William Cummins was a member of the Marine Guard Detachment onboard the USS Princeton and is the Naav State Commander for Kentucky.

Robert S. Hodes was an AT2, part of the AEW Barrier Squadron Pacific at Christmas Island.

MSC U.S.N Ret. was aboard the U.S.S Taylor DD-468 during the 9 July 62 test at Johnston Island.

Eddie Volson was an airborne weather equipment operator and flew air sampling missions for many atomic tests.

Dale Olson was aboard the USS John S. McCain DL-3 during Operation Dominic.

Bryson Riordan was aboard the USS Rowan DD405/782 during Operation Dominic.

Jerry Froyd was an aircrew electrician on a P2V-7 flying supression patrols during Operation Dominic.

Bert Wilson was an ordnanceman in VS25 on the USS Yorktown during Shot Swordfish.

Franklin Rankin was at at Johnson and Christmas Island on the USS Rowan, DD782 during Operation Dominic.

Bill Vaughn a member of the Navy's advance party, was sent to Christmas Island. Bill sent 3 photographs taken during Operation Dominic.

Bernard Melton about his service on board the USS Henry County,
LST 824

Philip C. Freytag was with a scientific team on Samoa for the Fishbowl tests.

Roz Brown flew as a Navy radioman on the P2V.

Roger Allen served as a Navy logs and records petty officer flying in P2V aircraft and patrolling the sea around the atoll.

Tom Taylor was a Marine aboard the USS Hornet during Operation Dominic I.

Stan Alsing flew supression patrols to keep ships out of the danger area and was there for 19 of the blasts.

L. Davis served in the USMC in Operation Dominic 1, at Barbers Point NAS, Hawaii.

C.C. Fielder was a crewman on a UH-34D helicopter, on duty at Johnson Atoll, during Operation Dominic.

Fred Schafer was aboard the USS Chippola at Dominic 1, in 1962 and has his own website which includes many photographs, test dates and shot information. He is the Oregon State Commander of NAAV

John Toledo was aboard the USS Jerome County during Operation Dominic.

Ron Holland was aboard the USS Newell DER 322 during Operation Dominic.

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Atomic Veterans Photo Album: Operation Dominic 1

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